Health Form Tanzania

Similarly, like in most countries around the globe, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Tanzanian authorities decided to introduce some additional requirements to enter their country. One of the required documents that all visitors to Tanzania must fill out and complete is the Traveler’s Health Surveillance Form. Read more to find out more details on how to submit the form and get more information on the current travel requirements to make your entry to Tanzania effortless and trouble-free.

What is Health Form to Tanzania?

The Health Form to Tanzania is an obligatory short questionnaire that includes some personal data, travel information, and health-related details. All incoming visitors to Tanzania must fill it out before going to the country.

The idea of the Health Form is to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and guarantee safe tourism flow. Moreover, thanks to the data provided in the questionnaire, the Tanzanian authorities are able to trace and contact travelers who may have contacted COVID 19 infected travelers during their trip to Tanzania. If such a situation occurs, a traveler can be immediately contacted and informed about the necessity to undergo quarantine.

How to apply for the Tanzanian Health Form?

To receive the Tanzanian Health Form confirmation, all travelers just need to go through 3 simple and intuitive steps. To be able to complete it, an applicant will have to grab an electronic device connected to the Internet. The 3 application steps include:

  1. Providing the required details: enter basic personal information and other details concerning your health status and travel.
  2. Pay the processing fee: Using one of the available online payment methods, pay the fee of 24 EUR.
  3. Check your email address: Check your inbox for the receipt of your completed Tanzanian Health Form. Download the file and save it on your phone. You can additionally print it out and take its hard copy for your trip.

Tanzania Health Form requirements

The application form for Health Form to Tanzania requires providing the following information:

  • names and surname
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • gender
  • email address
  • transportation mode
  • arrival date
  • passport number
  • flight and seat number
  • the purpose of visiting Tanzania
  • occupation
  • contact information in Tanzania
  • list of countries visited within last 2 weeks (if applicable)
  • health-related questions

All requirements to enter Tanzania

  • an RT-PCR/ NAAT COVID-19 negative test taken within 69 hours of arrival in Tanzania
  • Traveler’s Health Surveillance Form filled out 24 hours of entry to Tanzania
  • additional COVID-19 screening for travelers coming from high-risk countries (rapid testing taken at the cost of visitors)
  • a tourist visa to Tanzania (some countries can obtain a Tanzanian visa online)

Other important information

  • Travelers coming to Tanzania from the countries of high COVID-19 risk, i.e., the countries where the number of coronavirus cases recorded is very high, will be subject to additional testing upon arrival in Tanzania.
  • Should the rapid test has a positive result, a traveler will be obliged to undergo a 14-day quarantine that must be followed by another testing until receiving a COVID-19 negative result.
  • Additional screening upon arrival and taking the COVID-19 test before a trip to Tanzania do not apply to aircraft crew, travelers who only transit through Tanzania, and children aged five or younger.
  • Visitors to Zanzibar need to fill out an additional health survey.
  • Before going to Tanzania every traveler should check if their country is listed among high-risk countries and prepare for bearing the costs of additional screening upon crossing the borders of Tanzania.
  • To travel safely to Tanzania and other parts of the world, all travelers are highly advised to take a full dose of COVID-19 vaccination.