Tanzania visa requirements

Foreign visitors eligible for an electronic Tanzania visa can choose from two available options. They can apply for either a tourist visa or transit visa, depending on their travel needs. A tourist visa can be used for all kinds of leisure trips, including holidays and family visits, while a transit visa functions as a permit only for a transit stop in Tanzania before reaching the final destination. A transit visa cannot be used as an equivalent of a tourist visa.

One more type of Tanzania entry authorization is a multiple-entry e-visa. This visa type is dedicated exclusively to U.S. citizens who want to enter Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Keep on reading to find out the requirements that the Tanzania e-visa applicant needs to meet before filling out the application form. The documents required are similar but may differ a bit between particular types of visas. Nevertheless, the requirements are standard, and all visa required documents can be gathered effortlessly.

Do you need a visa to travel to Tanzania?

All foreign travelers willing to enter the United Republic of Tanzania must hold a visa. Eligible countries may obtain an electronic Tanzania visa instead of a regular visa. Moreover, parents should make sure that every underage travel companion has an individual tourist visa (or transit visa if it's a transit trip through Tanzania).

Tanzania visa on arrival

Visitors entering Tanzania can obtain a visa on arrival. However, it's highly recommended to receive an e-visa in advance to avoid problems when entering Tanzania, standing in a long line at the airport, or additional stress that is inevitable when trying to arrange an entry permit in a foreign country. Choose a more convenient option, which is an electronic Tanzania visa, and enjoy a trouble-free travel experience!

Documents to prepare for the e-Visa to Tanzania

No matter for which Tanzania visa type you will decide to apply for, you need to prepare the following documents that must be attached to your application form for e-visa:



IMPORTANT NOTE: check whether your passport will remain valid for the next 6 months starting from your planned arrival date in Tanzania. If your passport expires during your stay in Tanzania, you can enter Tanzania, but some problems may arise upon leaving the country.

Apply for Tanzania eVisa

Tanzania visa requirements for US citizens

All applicants from America have to apply for a multiple-entry Tanzania visa. This type of visa is dedicated only to US citizens. It's a perfect solution to enter and leave Tanzania numerous times since it remains valid for one year. An American holder of e-visa to Tanzania can stay maximally 90 days in Tanzania within every 180 days, while the multiple-entry e-visa remains valid for 1 year from the arrival date.

Visa for Tanzania - requirements for US citizens

To submit a successful application, it's essential to make sure that you can meet the following requirements:

Every underage traveler needs his own online visa to enter Tanzania. The application form for children must be submitted on their behalf by a parent or legal guardian.

How can US citizens apply for the Tanzania e-Visa?

Every US national who has gathered the necessary documents can start filling the online application form. 15 minutes are enough to go through 3 intuitive and simple stages, which are as follows:

  1. Enter your personal details: name and surname, birth date, e-mail address, phone number, nationality, e-visa type, and the intended date when you will enter Tanzania. Upload all required documents (depending on the selected e-visa type). Make sure your online form is error-free and only then move to the next stage.
  2. Use the preferred method of online payment and pay a fee for Tanzania e-visa (99 or 149 Euro).
  3. Refresh your e-mail. Your confirmation number should already be in your inbox. It's necessary to check the status of your visa for Tanzania request processing.

Within a few days, a PDF file with your e-visa will be delivered to your e-mail.

e-Visa for Tanzania: Support Team

Since foreign travelers are required to obtain an electronic visa to enter Tanzania, the online system was created to enable straightforward and effortless applications.

The majority of the applications submitted via our services are successfully approved. However, should you encounter some problems at any stage of your application or have any questions or doubts about your Tanzania visa, don't hesitate to contact our support team via phone or mail.

You can also fill the contact form available on the website, and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.