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This website allows you to apply for and register your obligatory eVisa before travelling to Tanzania. Our service assists you through the eVisa process, including any questions you may have regarding the form and related issues. Our agency is not affiliated to any Government website. Our agency helps individuals and legal entities with their administrative travel paperwork.

What is the electronic Tanzania visa (e-Visa ) ?

Electronic visa to Tanzania allows its holders to travel to Tanzania for 30 days. It is a single-entry visa that can be handled entirely online, even from home! Check if your country is listed as eligible to apply online for a Tanzania visa and get your permit within 10 business days.

Starting from 2018, all eligible travelers can use the Tanzania eVisa system for purposes of tourism or transit. So, whether you plan on visiting this African country for a relaxing getaway, a safari trip, exploring its tourist attractions, or simply making a stop-over before you reach your final destination, the online visa for Tanzania will make your trip possible in an effortless way!

You may be asking yourself, how is the eVisa different from a regular Tanzania visa. Well, there is more to it than just the name. The most prominent thing that differs those documents is in the application process. The online Tanzania tourist visa is obtainable without the need to visit an Embassy nor any other official institution!

All you have to do is complete a quick and intuitive 3-step application process, even using your phone. The approved entry permit will be delivered to your email inbox in the form of a PDF file within maximally 10 days.

Read on for all the essential information concerning the electronic visa system in Tanzania, the eVisa requirements, and how can you submit a successful application online.

Types of Tanzania eVisa

There are two types of visa permits for Tanzania. All travellers can choose between one of the following options:
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Both are single-entry visas and cost 99 Euro. Please note! Tanzania visa is not a business visa; it's not issued for any business or work-related purposes.

Visa applicants do not need to visit the Embassy, nor a Consulate. Read on to learn what are the requirements to meet and how to file an application online.

Tanzania eVisa Requirements

Tanzania offers it's e-Visas for travelers from numerous countries worldwide! The key to submitting a successfully approved application is to be prepared before starting the application process.

Thus, a few days prior to applying, make sure that you have all of the necessary documents gathered and that you meet the following Tanzania eVisa requirements:

Please note! To ensure your application for the Tanzania online visa will be positively approved, make sure to thoroughly check the form before submitting it. Any delays may result in elongating the processing times.

Should you have any questions about the above-listed requirements, do not hesitate to get in contact with our support team.

How to apply for Tanzania Visa online?

To make your visa application successful, each applicant should first prepare the necessary documents that need to be attached to the form. There are three requirements to meet for all visa applicants. Please make sure that you have the following documents before applying:

Please check if your passport will not expire for the next 6 months from the planned arrival in Tanzania date. That is crucial not to have issues with the entrance.

3-step application process:

Now that you are prepared with the required documents on hand, you may start the application process. This part should take you less than 15 minutes to complete.

  1. Fill in the application form with your data, such as your name, address, e-mail address, the purpose of your travel. Attach the documents described earlier and make sure that each piece of information provided is correct.
  2. Make an online payment to pay the 99 Euro fee. There are numerous secure methods of online payment on our website to choose from when using our services.
  3. Check your inbox for your personal confirmation number that you can use later on to check your visa status while it's processing. Within a maximum of 10 business days, an e-Visa is delivered to your e-mail box.

Once you receive the visa PDF version, print it out and take it with you to the airport.The customs officials will check your valid passport and the printed visa. You will get a stamp stating the date of returning to your home country.

Who needs an e-Visa to Tanzania?

Every traveller who wants to enter the United Republic of Tanzania must have a valid electronic visa permit. Each visitor needs to have a separate visa permit. Children are also obliged to have one; their parents/guardians should file an application for them.

A note for all US citizens! If you are a United States citizen, you have to apply for a multiple-entry visa, available only if you are a US citizen. This type of permit is valid for one year, and the fee is 149 Euro. As a US citizen, you can enter Tanzania numerous times within 12 months of visa validity and it allows 90 days of stay.

No matter what type of permit you will apply for, the tourist visa, or the transit one, it has to be printed out and taken to the airport on the travel for control of the customs officials.

Tanzania e-Visa FAQ

Visa application for Tanzania takes only a couple of minutes. However, the processing time is a bit longer. Tanzania visa processing time may take up to 10 business days from applying. Our service has an average processing time of only 7 days. Make sure to apply in advance to avoid issues upon entry to Tanzania.

Yes, it is possible to obtain a Tanzania visa on arrival. However, it is far safer to obtain your visa permit in advance. To avoid stressful situations, issues with approval on arrival, long queues at the airport, apply online a few days before your trip to Tanzania.

Tanzania visa costs 99 Euro for a single-entry visa permit that allows a 30-day stay. Our services provide several methods of online payment to choose from on our website. Suppose you are a United States citizen that wants to travel to Tanzania. In that case, you need to apply for a multiple-entry visa (designated only for US citizens) for a fee of 149 Euro.

All applicants will receive their e-Visa permit at the e-mail address they have provided in the application form. Make sure to put one that you have access to. Otherwise, there may be issues with obtaining your permit.

Tanzania visa online is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival into the country (the single-entry tourist visa). If you should travel to Tanzania with a transit permit, it is valid for 4 days (96 hours) starting on the date of arrival. The multiple-entry permit (for US citizens) is valid for a whole year and allows numerous entries to Tanzania.

Tanzania travel visas are extremely easy to obtain. All applicants have to do is to file a visa application using our website. Applying online takes a few moments and can be done from anywhere you want! There are no visits to the Embassy needed, no waiting in long queues.

The visa required documents differ depending on which type of permit you're applying for. To visit Tanzania and have an issue-free entry, prepare the following:

  • A valid passport
  • A recent photograph of yourself
  • A return ticket/or onward ticket (if applying for a transit visa)

Every traveller who wants to visit Tanzania has to have a separate e-Visa permit, including children. For all underage travellers, the application should be made by their parents/guardians. You can file an online application using our website in just a few minutes from home!

Should your electronic permit to Tanzania fail to be approved, we grant reimbursement. Ensure all the data you provided in the application form were correct and that all of your documents were complete and valid. If you met the visa requirements and your data was error-free, contact our visa services support team to resolve the issue.

All holders of the electronic visa can visit Tanzania for 30 days. If you would travel only for transit purposes, the stay can be 4 days long. All US citizens can stay in Tanzania for 90 days.

It is not possible to extend the stay in Tanzania, holding an electronic permit. Do not overstay during your travel to avoid problems.

Types of eVisa to Tanzania:

Tourist eVisa to Tanzania

Single entry eVisa for tourist purposes (a holiday, visiting friends or relatives, etc.) Valid 30 days, starting from the date of arrival.

Note: Citizens of the United States of America can travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar with a multiple-entry visa only, valid for 12 months, which allows stays up to 90 days.

Tanzania Transit eVisa

Single entry eVisa for purposes of transit through Tanzania to another destination. The maximum allowed stay in Tanzania on a Transit eVisa is 7 days. The transit eVisa is strictly intended for those travellers whose purpose of entry is to pass through Tanzania on their way to another destination, and cannot be used for tourism purposes.

Tanzania eVisa - Required documents

Tourist eVisa to Tanzania

Citizens of eligible countries must provide:

  • Scan or digital photo of the bio-data page of the applicant's passport
  • Photograph of the applicant (digital)
  • Copy of return ticket
Tanzania Transit eVisa

Citizens of eligible countries must provide:

  • Scan or digital photo of the bio-data page of the applicant's passport
  • Photograph of the applicant (digital)
  • An entry visa or onward ticket to the intended country of destination.

Important things to know before you apply for a evisa to Tanzania

If you want to apply for an online visa to enter the United Republic of Tanzania; here is some additional information relevant to all applicants:

  • your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the planned entry to Tanzania date
  • each traveller has to have a separate permit (including children)
  • e-Visa to Tanzania is not a business visa, nor a working permit
  • you cannot extend your stay in Tanzania with an electronic permit
  • filling the application form correctly can save you from delays or issues with the visa approval
Apply online

Citizens from the following countries are eligible to apply for an online eVisa to Tanzania:

Arabie Saoudite
Aruba (Pays-Bas)
la Belgique
Bosnie Herzégovine
Burkina Faso
la République tchèque
République dominicaine
La France
Groenland (DK)
Guam (États-Unis)
Guyane française (FR)
les Pays-Bas
nez qui coule
Congo, République Démocratique
Corée du Sud
Corée du Nord (RPDC)
Costa Rica
Macédoine du Nord
Îles Mariannes du Nord
Myanmar (Birmanie)
Nouvelle Calédonie
Polynésie française (FR)
Porto Rico (États-Unis)
le Portugal
République centrafricaine
Sahara occidental
Saint-Martin (FR/NL)
Le Salvador
Samoa américaines
Saint Marin
les États-Unis d'Amérique
Soudan du sud
Timor oriental
Grande Bretagne
Viêt Nam
Côte d'Ivoire
Iles Aland
Îles Vierges américaines
Iles Marshall
Îles Féroé
Îles Saint Thomas et Principe
Emirats Arabes Unis

We accept card payments and the following payment methods:

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Tanzania - Entry points

eVisas are accepted at the following entry points:

Tanzania International Airports:
Tanzania Landports:
Note: You are also entitled to enter the country through a seaport.

Benefits of applying online

The main benefit of applying for a visa permit online is that no visits to the Embassy are necessary. You can complete the application process in a few minutes from home. Use any working device with a stable internet connection and file your application.

Applying online using our visa services can guarantee:

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